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Hi. We're gonna take a little break but we'll be back in a while so, don't nobody go no where. Ah. Thank god I still got my hair. What on Earth is that thing I'm wearing? What, what?

What's the meaning of this. Now which one was it, Greg or Craig? It's cold, damn cold. Ha, ha, ha, Einstein, you little devil. Einstein's clock is exactly one minute behind mine, it's still ticking. Oh, you mean how you're supposed to act on a first date. That's him.

Right, okay, so right around 9:00 she's gonna get very angry with me. Oh, then I wanna give her a call, I don't want her to worry about you. So tell me, Marty, how long have you been in port? Well looky what we have here. No no no, you're staying right here with me. C'mon, c'mon.


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